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Homeowners insurance 

Coastal living makes our state a wonderful place to live and work. Keeping your home protected from wind, rain and other natural perils and your valuable possessions safe is part of that peace of mind you depend on to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s important that your homeowners insurance includes those perils that many policies might not automatically include – perils that are part of life in our state.

Windstorm (hurricane) damage and flood insurance  are very important topics in our state and are not always included in your portfolio of insurance.  If you have an older policy that hasn’t been updated to what it costs today to fully replace your home, there may be coverage gaps. 

For a homeowner, navigating this coverage landscape can be confusing. Our agents will review your current homeowners policy to identify if you do indeed have any coverage gaps. We will recommend what options make sense in your situation based on the coverage limits and premium pricing from the network of carriers we work with.

Below are some other optional coverages available to think about:

  • Ordinance and Law

  • Water backup 

  • Increased dwelling replacement costs

  • Screened enclosures and carports

  • Golf cart damage and liability​

 Ride out the storms knowing one of your most valuable investments is well-protected and covered! 

When it comes to the largest investment most people ever make, it just makes sense to have the right protection in place.

Suburban Family Home

Did you know approx 66% of the homes in America are underinsured?  A home is the largest investment most people make.  Don’t put yourself at risk for a major financial loss.  Make sure you are adequately protected. Don’t become a statistic, the average homeowner is underinsured by at least 22%. From hurricanes to sinkholes to lightning, we understand the unique risks associated with owning a Florida home. Companies offer different homeowner coverage alternatives so choosing the right policy means finding the right mix of options to meet your needs that’s where we come in. Basic homeowner insurance policies include:


  • The structure of your home

  • Personal property

  • Living expenses in case of a covered loss

  • Liability and more

  • Additional policies/coverage available: Flood

  • Valuable personal property endorsement (e.g. jewelry, fine art, guns)

  • Umbrella

  • Animal Liability

  • Sinkhole

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