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Workers Compensation

Providing a safe workplace and protecting you and your employees from potential risk of injuries on the job is important piece of the benefits you provide for your employees. It also ensures the smooth operation of your business. As an employer, compliance with Florida’s workers’ compensation laws helps you avoid fines, penalties and any civil enforcement action you may be subject to unless you have the proper coverage.
Without coverage, your business could be subject to a “Stop-Work Order”–requiring that your business cease all operations until it complies with Florida law and pays a penalty. Penalties are equal to two times the amount you would have paid in manual premium within the preceding two-year period!
Understating or concealing payroll or employee duties, as well as attempts to avoid paying less than the proper amount of premium, may also be subject to a Stop-Work Order, according to Florida’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. It’s also important not to misclassify employees as independent contractors, as it is illegal and opens up you and 

Accidents happen – that’s why a Workers Compensation policy is an important investment.

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Did you know…

  • If your employee is hurt on the job, you are responsible for their injuries,

  • Every employer who has four or more full or part time employees is required to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance and

  • If you are in the construction industry just one employee requires you to carry Workers Compensation Coverage.

  • We specialize in providing you this important coverage that protects both you and your employees. We also help control your cost by reviewing classifications, checking audits, arranging dividend plans and making safety suggestions. Let us quote, compare and save you time and money. Call us or fill out the form today for a free quote.

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